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How do I create a new waiver template?

You can create new waiver templates by:

  1. Sending individual Microsoft Word documents to GCPay support at for tagging.
  2. Tagging them yourself

How to Tag Waivers Yourself (You must be a Company Admin to Upload/Edit/Remove Waivers):

  1. Determine if this will be a Standard or Tiered Waiver.
    • Standard waivers are used for subcontractors and tiered waivers are used for tier contractors.
  2. Click Upload Standard Waiver or Upload Tiered Waiver.
  3. Click Available Tags in the bottom left corner. A PDF will be downloaded with all available data tags for the waiver type selected.
  4. Open your waiver in Microsoft Word.
  5. Using the available tags, remove any blank lines and replace them with the applicable tags in the word document.
  6. Click Upload Standard Waiver or Upload Tiered Waiver.
  7. Click the green Upload button.
  8. Locate the tagged waiver on your computer, click Open or OK.
  9. Select appropriate time to send/require the waiver from your contractor:
    • Before submission: Waiver becomes a requirement of AFP submission.
    • Submit: Waiver is sent to the contractor after submission of an AFP.
    • Approval: Waiver is sent to the contractor after the AFP has been approved.
    • Paid: This waiver is sent to the contractor once we receive a notification from your financial system that the AFP has been paid (only available for clients with an integrated ERP).

    • Manual: Waiver is generated on submission of the AFP, but must be manually sent to the contractor by the GC. 

  10. Default: If checked, this waiver will be added to every new project your company creates

  11. Select the type of waiver:

    • Progress Waiver: Document required with all AFPs except Final

    • Final Waiver: Document required with Final AFP

    • Unconditional Waiver: Any waiver can have an Unconditional designation. Checking this option simply adjusts the language on the waiver cover sheet.

  12. Select applicable general options:

    • Require Notarized Lien Waiver: Document must be notarized for submission. Extends the option to notarize online with

    • Require Original: Checking this option will provide only 1 method for returning the completed waiver to your company. That option is handing it directly back to you.

    • Digital Process: Document can be digitally signed within GCPay.

    • Include Pay App: Copy of AFP cover page and continuation sheet will be included with the lien waiver.

    • Include Tiered Vendor Report: Copy of tiered vendor report will be included with Lien Waiver.

    • Replace 702 Coverpage: Use this option to overwrite the standard 702 style coverpage with a custom coverpage.

  13. Click Okay.

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