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Prevent 'Quantity' conversion type with a Smart Rule

Sage Intacct will set the conversion type of a subcontract or purchase order to Quantity by default, which can result in issues with exporting AFPs from GCPay. To avoid these issues, users must set the conversion type to Price.

Users can establish a Smart Rule in Sage Intacct that will prevent the creation of subcontracts or purchase orders with a conversion type of Quantity.

  1. Select Platform Services and Smart Rules from the primary navigation dropdown.
  2. Select Add to create a new Smart Rule
  3. Set the Owner Object to Purchase Order Transaction Detail and select the transaction definition(s) you use for subcontracts, purchase orders, and change orders. Click Next.
  4. Set Type to Error and select Add and Set for the Events.
  5. Enter {!PODOCUMENTENTRY.CONVERSIONTYPE!}=='Price' in the Condition text box.
  6. Add an error message that would make sense for your team. See an example in the screenshot below. Click Next.
  7. Enter a Smart Rule ID and click Save.

Now if a user creates a subcontract, purchase order, or change order with a Conversion Type of Quantity, Intacct will trigger the Smart Rule and present the error message instruction the user to change the Conversion Type to Price.

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