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Sage Intacct User Guide



Create a GCPay User in Sage Intacct Create a user at the Root Level (top level) and give them full permissions. 

  1. Navigate to the Application Menu 
  2. Select Company and then Web Services users 
  3. Select Add
  4. Input all required fields under the User Information settings to create a web services user, including a valid email address 
    1. Important: this email address will be emailed the system-generated password that will need to be provided to GCPay support user, such as a member of the Onboarding team, for setup within GCPay. 
  5. Provision "Full" Admin privileges for the web services user

6. Now that User Information has been completed, navigate to Roles information 

7. From the drop-down menu, select Project Admin

8. Click Save from the upper right hand menu options to save you web service user's updated roles and permissions

Web Service User's Roles and Permissions

The web service user must include full permissions for the following Roles subscriptions

  1. Select the All radio button for the Permission settings of Activities and lists for the following Permissions:
    1. Company
    2. Accounts Payable
    3. Jobs
    4. Purchasing

Web Services Subscriptions

Ensure Sage Intacct's web services subscription is enabled  

  1. Navigate to the Applications menu and then select Company
  2. Click Subscriptions
  3. Turn on the slider button for Web Services:

Obtain Company ID

Obtain and then document the company ID 

  1. Navigate to the Applications menu and select Company 
  2. Under the Configuration menu (in the Setup options) select Company  
  3. Select the Security tab
  4. Select Edit in the upper right corner
  5. Scroll down to Web Services authorizations and click Add, then input the following: 
    • Sender ID: HartMPP
    • Description: GCPay Web Service Access
    • Status: Active 
  6. Click Save

GCPay Onboarding

Now that your Web Service user has been created and properly configured, please provide the following to your GCPay onboarder so they may complete your setup: 

  • Company ID
  • User Password 
  • User ID


Configure Transactions Definitions to ensure Sage Intacct's workflow is properly configured to pair with GCPay.

  1. Select Purchasing from the Applications menu 
  2. Click Transaction definitions 


Ensure all invoice templates are associated with the Invoice Workflow category and that all subcontracts templates are assigned a single Invoice type. Invoices can be converted from more than one Subcontract or Purchase Order definition, but it should be a one-to-one contract to invoice relationship. 

If for some reason, you're unable to implement a one-to-one contract to invoice relationship, then only one invoice type should be associated with one contract type. For instance, in the below example, Vendor Invoices are associated with Purchase Orders and Subcontracts, ensuring a one-to-one relationship between the Reporting category and the Workflow category.  

Subcontracts and Purchase Orders

Ensure the Subcontracts template, or your equivalent, are assigned the Reporting category Subcontracts. 

Use the following table for other templates: 

Template Name Reporting Category 
Purchase OrdersPurchase Orders
PO InvoicesPurchase Order Invoices
Vendor InvoiceSubcontract Invoices
Subcontract COSubcontract Change Orders 

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