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Tier Vendor Tab and Revisions

REQUIREMENTS: Tier vendor revisions must be enabled at the root level. If you cannot make revisions, please contact your Account Manager or GCPay Support to enable it for you.

This two-part enhancement brings greater visibility and control to tier vendor management in GCPay. Please note that, as part of this update, the Liabilities tab has been updated to Tier Vendors.

Tier Vendors Tab

The first part of this enhancement is the introduction of the Tier Vendor tab in the project-level navigation. This new screen aggregates all reported tier vendors across an entire project. Data reported in this table includes tier vendor reporting from the most recent Approved or Submitted AFP.

Users can group tier vendor contracts by Subcontractor or by SOV. Users can also filter tier vendor contracts by those with outstanding lien waivers, contracts that have been designated to receive joint checks, and contracts that have been marked as finished (only applies to projects with a final tier vendor waiver requirement).

Tier Vendor Revisions

The second part of this enhancement is the introduction of extensive revision controls. These controls allow general contractors to easily adjust previously reported billing for tier vendors. By clicking View on a tier vendor record, the general contractor can view and revise the full billing history of a specific tier vendor contract across each payment application. Subcontractors can view the same billing history, but they cannot make revisions.

When a user makes a revision, GCPay will check to see if that revision impacts any previously generated waivers. For example, if a tier vendor waiver template contains a field for Total Due and you revise the amount listed in the Due This Period column, GCPay will offer to generate a new waiver and resend it to the contact on record.

GCPay provides a list of impacted waivers along with the current status and an option to view the submitted document. By default, GCPay will want to update and resend any impacted waivers, but we understand that in some cases a tier vendor may have already returned an accurate waiver and the general contractor may not want to overwrite it. In that case, you can either click Skip or uncheck the Resend box next to the specific waiver you want to ignore.

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