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Paid Indicator

The Paid Indicator is found on the right-hand side of each application for payment under the Contractor(s) Applications for Payment bucket on the project-level Overview tab. 

It is only available to users who use GCPay in tandem with an supported, integrated ERP solution. 

Indicates that an AFP has been Approved, exported to the ERP, and marked paid In the ERP. Hovering over this icon with the mouse cursor will indicate the date the invoice was marked paid in the integrated ERP. 
No icon The AFP has not yet been exported and/or marked paid in your ERP.


If you have marked an invoice paid in your ERP or PM (Procore) software, there are a number of reasons why paid status might not yet display, including: 

  1. The ERP needs to be synced 
  2. The ERP integration doesn't support the paid indicator (CMiC) 
  3. The AFP in question was handkeyed and/or not exported via GCPay 
  4. The AFP details were altered in the ERP following export from GCPay

Sage 300 has to be specifically configured to for a partially paid invoice to display as paid. To configure Sage 300 to display paid status of partial invoices, ensure this checkbox setting is selected in the Sage 300 integrator application: 

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