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How do I reject an Application for Payment (AFP)?

Once a pay application is submitted, a notification email is sent to users with Reviewer, Submission Notification, or Contact project permissions. The pay applications requiring approval will appear in your Dashboard or in the Applications for Payment section of the Project Overview screen.

  1. Go to your project in GCPay.
  2. Click Review in the actions column for the item being reviewed.
  3. The page will refresh, and you will see the details of the bill. At the bottom of the detailed table is a summary table. Using the tabs directly below the Project Name, a user can view any attached documentation by clicking Documents, verify the required vendor reporting by clicking Liabilities, view the PDF version of the application for payment by clicking Reports, or see what activity has happened with this bill by clicking Audit Trail.
  4. When you are ready to begin the approval/rejection, click Review on the View page.
  5. In the White Box, fill in any comments necessary. These comments will carry to the email notification that goes to the contractor and will be recorded in the Audit Trail.
  6. Click Reject
  7. If you haven't already done so, enter a reason for the rejection in the Comments box.
  8. A pop-up appears stating “Are you sure you wish to Reject this Application for Payment?” Click Yes.
  9. The status will now appear as Rejected. The subcontractor and users with Project Manager, Contact, or Approval Notification permissions will receive an email notification.

If a pay application is fully approved, you need to contact GCPay support via email at to have the pay application rejected.

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