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How do I bulk release retention?

Select the Bulk Release Retainage (retention) button, which is located just above the SOV table on your project overview tab: 

This feature allows general contractors to retainage retention held on multiple SOVs in just a few clicks. Doing so will create the retainage invoice(s) on behalf of the subcontractor and trigger any associated lien waivers in the process. This eliminates the need for subcontractors to comeback into GCPay to bill for retainage, and provides general contractors greater control over the timing of retainage release.


The Bulk Release Retainage feature allows GCs the ability to release retainage on a schedule as long as there is at least one, fully-approved application for payment that’s been billed against the contract. Many users will find the feature most appropriate when a contract has been billed to completion. However you'll be able to release any retention held on a contract as long as there is at least one approved pay application billed against it. 

Upon selecting the contracts for which you'll be releasing retention, GCPay will prompt you to decide whether or not you'd like to generate waivers with your retention invoice or suppress them. 

If you select Enable Waivers, the default waivers you have specified for the project will be sent to the relevant subcontractor, including any final waivers.

Once you complete the above step, your retention pay applications will be available for export on the Integration Tab if you use GCPay in conjunction with a supported ERP platform if you indeed wish to export them. 

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