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How do I create an application for payment?

Watch the video above or follow the instructions below to create a pay application within GCPay.

  1. Log into GCPay
  2. Select the projects tab
  3. Select the project
  4. Click the green + CREATEbutton in the applications for payment section:
    1. Note: If you do not see the green + CREATE button, ensure your schedule of values has been submitted and approved. If yes, ensure a pay application has not already been created. If one is created, you can click EDIT and continue with entering your pay application. If you still can not see the green + CREATE button, contact GCPay support for help.
  5. Confirm Pay Application #. This field cannot be changed if you are a Subcontractor creating an AFP in
  6. Confirm Retainage Typeand Percentages.
    1. If you need to adjust the retention and see Retainage adjustments are currently locked contact your general contractor and ask tham to unlock retention on your schedule of values. If retainage is not locked, you can adjust the retention type and percentage as necessary.
  7. Confirm the Application Date. This will always populate with the date you created the payment application but can be adjusted by manually inputting a date or clicking the calendar tool and selecting the date.
  8. Confirm the Period To date. This will always populate with the last day of the current month but can be adjusted by manually inputting a date or clicking the calendar tool and selecting the date.

ENTERING CURRENT BILLING (with no unit priced billing)

  1. Under the column $ This Period input current dollars being billed for this AFP. Negative items should include the - before the value - OR -
  2. Under the column % Work To Date input total percentage complete for the item. The value being shown prior to edit is the percent complete to date. By adjusting the percentage the site will calculate current dollars to be billed.
  3. Under the column Material Stored input total dollars for Material being invoiced.
  4. If you would like to Upload any backup to a line or make any notes either right-click on the line and select Upload File/ Add Note or click the paperclip icon located on the far left of the table.
  5. When complete click Save.
    • Clicking Cancel will take you back to the Project Overview page and remove any changes made BUT clicking cancel will not delete the AFP.
  6. Resolve any additional items displayed on the screen within the green box. Each item will be red until resolved. Click the item to determine what needs to be done.
  7. Click Submit
  8. An Optional box is displayed which allows you to enter comments that are included with the email notification sent and are included in the Audit Trail.
  9. Click Submit and the site will confirm your submission, click Yes and then click Okay.
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