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How do I manually move stored material when submitting an Application for Payment (AFP)?

General contractors can require subcontractors to manually move stored material so that they can track how much material has been installed versus how much remains onsite, uninstalled. Manually moving material in GCPay is easy, but requires accuracy. You should double check your arithmetic before submitting any applications for payment (AFP) that require manually moving stored material. 

When materials arrive on site but won't be immediately installed, add those costs to the Material Stored column.

Down the road when those materials are installed - whether it's the next AFP or four AFPs later - deduct the value of the installed materials from the Material Stored column and add that value to $ This Period:  

In the above example, $1,500 worth of stored material was installed on Line 1, and $1,500 remains on site, not yet installed. In other words, we deduced $1,500 from the previous $3,000 total in the Material Stored column and added it to $ This Period.

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