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How do I add a unique or one-off waiver to an AFP?

GCPay's unique waiver functionality allows users with specific permissions (Admin or Lien Officer) to send additional waivers to subcontractors or tier vendors, beyond which have been specified in Project Settings. The feature is useful when users wish to send waivers for circumstances that don't occur with every pay application (i.e. any waivers not configured at the project level). 

Unique waivers must be first enabled by GCPay Support. You can reach out to your account manager if you'd like the feature enabled. 

To send a unique waiver, follow these steps: 

  1. Select the waiver modal from anywhere in the site
    • Ideally unique waivers would be sent during the AFP approval process
  2. Click the Add Unique Lien Waiver button at the bottom-left of the modal
  3. Select which waiver(s) you'd like to send to your subcontractor or tier vendor
    • You can select any Standard or Tier Waiver that are uploaded at the company level. When selecting a unique Tier Waiver, you will have the option to select for which tier vendors you'd like to include. 
  4. A purple star will display next to the unique waiver(s) you associate with the pay application.   
  5. Click Okay to complete the process of associating unique waivers with a pay application.


You can watch this video demonstration of the Unique Waiver feature as well! 

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