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How do I assign a user Company Permissions?

Assigning a User Company Permissions

Users can have any of the permissions listed below or may have none assigned to them. Users not assigned company permissions must be added to a project in GCPay and assigned permissions at the project level.

Company Permission Definitions:

To establish Company Permissions for a user, check applicable permissions from the list below.

  • Company Admin - This user has full access to The user can adjust Company Information, Add/Edit/Remove Users, Add Lien Waivers, Compliance Information, Required Documents, Checklist items, will see all projects and have abilities to adjust Project Settings, has access to Integrations if applicable and will be contacted if your company is added to a project and no Default Project User is setup.
  • GCPay Billing Contact - If your company incurs fees for using the invoice/receipt will be sent to this user with applicable fees on the 1st day of each month. If no billing contact is setup, invoices/receipts will go to the Company Admin
  • Default Project User - If another clients adds your company to a project, this user will be added. If no default project user is setup, the Company Admin is added.
  • User Admin - This person can Add new users, Change existing users permissions and disable users. They cannot add the Company Admin permission to their profile.
  • Project Creator - This user will have a link in to Create a New Project. Subcontractors in will never have the link to Start a New Project.
  • Accounting Contact - This user will have access to all projects within They receive email notifications when Applications for Payment are fully approved across all jobs. This user will have access to integrations if applicable. This user will have the Waivers tab for the company. The user can add subs to any jobs as well as pull in/setup Schedules of Value.
  • Accounting Contact for Subsidiaries - The permission described above applies, but only for companies listed as a Subsidiary to your company.
  • Auditor - This user will have access to View all projects but will be unable to take any action within jobs they are not added directly to.
  • Compliance Officer - This user is responsible for any Compliance Documents that are required/provided. The user will receive email notifications with the compliance information UNLESS a compliance officer is established for a specific job.
  • Lien Officer - This user is responsible for any Lien Waiver documents that are required/provided. The user will receive email notifications when waivers are sent or uploaded as well as when waivers are digitally accepted. The user can Accept/Reject waivers as necessary. Email notifications on all projects would come to the Lien Officer unless a lien officer is setup at the project level.

Note:  If you assign a user as Company Admin you do not need to check User Admin, Project Creator or Auditor as the Company Admin permission covers all of those.


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