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How do I require subcontractors to manually move stored material?

Only users with Admin or User Admin company permissions can edit default settings. As a reminder, default settings are automatically populated for new projects. Projects in flight won't adopt default settings, and instead have to be toggled at the project level. 

  1. Click on Settings in the top right
  2. Select Default Options from the menu on the left
  3. Locate the Stored Materials settings about midway down the page
  4. Select Manually move stored material? 

The Manually stored materials feature, when enabled, will require subcontractors to manually deduct materials installed from the Material Stored column (column F) and add them to the $ This Period column (column D) with each new payment application. Subcontractors manually move material only when said material is installed. 

When unchecked, stored material will automatically move from column F to column D the following pay period.  Historically, this option could be toggled by either the general contractor or the subcontractor. This presented issues, as some general contractors did not want their subcontractors to bill for stored materials in this way. 

The option to Manually move stored materials with each new pay app is now found in the Project Settings under the Stored Materials section. Checking the box here will set the default behavior for each new SOV on that project, but the option to automatically move stored materials can be toggled on or off on the SOV itself by clicking View and scrolling down to the Specifications section: 

If this is not the desired preference, disable the option and stored materials will be set to automatically move on the SOV going forward, meaning they'll automatically move from Material Stored (Column F) to $ This Period (Column D) when the subcontractor completes their next pay application. 

To see how subcontractors manually move stored material, review this article

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