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March 2021 Updates

Month Funded Through Banner

To help manage expectations around payment timing, GCPay has added a feature for general contractors to communicate to their subcontractors which month they have been funded through by the owner. 

Right-click on a project in the Projects tab and select Funded Through to establish the most recent month the general contractor has received funding for. Once established, the subcontractor will see a banner on the Project Overview screen that reads, "The project has been funded through [Month YYYY]. All approved payment applications in the funded month will be paid upon full compliance with all required documents and insurance."    

Adding Companies to Project Enhancement

Search by User

Historically, users added companies to projects by searching for company names. This was problematic for 3 primary reasons:

  1. The general contractor may not know the subcontractor by the name or spelling that was used to register with GCPay.
  2. There might be several subcontractor companies in our database with similar company names.
  3. Larger subcontractors may have several subsidiaries or accounts, making it difficult to know which company to add.

Allowing general contractors to search by the user's name provides a critical data point for the general contractor to know with confidence that they have added the right subcontractor to their project. Simply check Include users in search to leverage this new functionality.

Auto-assign Approver

When adding a subcontractor company to a project, the general contractor is now automatically assigned as the approver.

Icons Enhancements

Added Retainage Release and Stored Materials Icons to Integration tabs

The Retainage Release (RR) and Stored Materials (SM) icons that were introduced to the Project Overview page in November 2020 have been added to the company level and project level integration tabs.

Localized Retainage Release Icons for Canada

Retainage Release (RR) icons for Canadian projects have been localized as Holdback (HB) icons.


AFP Review on Dashboard

When reviewing a payment application from the dashboard, users were left on the project overview page and had to navigate back to the dashboard. This fix routes the user back to the dashboard so they can continue reviewing payment applications.

Drag and Drop Document Bug

The option to drag and drop files for upload in GCPay was not working. This functionality has been restored.

Autocreate Change Orders - Sage 100 Bug

If a change order was created and approved in Sage 100 before the subcontractor submitted a constrained SOV, the autocreate change order option would not function properly. The GC would need to revisit the integration tab and interface the change order manually. This has been fixed. As soon as the SOV is submitted, any approved change orders are automatically applied.

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