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August 2023 Release Notes

In August 2023, GCPay released the following updates:

Dashboard Update - Period To Column for AFPs

GCPay introduced a Period To column for the Submittals & Approvals table in the Dashboard. This update makes it easy to sort AFPs in ascending or descending order by date to quickly find the oldest or most recent AFPs.

Participation Tracking Update (Previously DMBE Tracking)

Originally developed to track participation under the state of Virginia's Disadvantaged and Minority Business Enterprise (DMBE) program, this feature has been updated to include support for several other programs. As such, GCPay has changed the name of this feature from DMBE Tracking to Participation Tracking.

Users can now make Participation Tracking a default project setting by navigating to Settings, enabling the Participation Tracking feature, and selecting the default program.

ePayments & Waiver Exchange - Update to Queued Payments Report

The Queued Payments report now contains a Timestamp indicating when the report was pulled. GCPay has also introduced a Subtotal row that provides the total value of queued payments by project.

Users can download this report by clicking Print on the Queued tab. Alternatively, users can download a spreadsheet detailing ALL queued payments across ALL projects by clicking Reports in the primary navigation and selecting the Queued Payments Report

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