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January 2023 Release Notes

Option to Enable/Disable Tier Vendor Warnings

GCPay recently added a feature called Tier Vendor Warnings. You can read about it in the October 2022 Release Notes. This update provides users with the option to turn that feature on or off.

Contractor Reference Number

General contractors will notice a new option in the Options For Your Contractors section of the company default and project-level settings. Enabling this option will provide subcontractors with the option to associate their internal reference number with an AFP in GCPay.

The Contractor Reference # field will appear below the Application for Payment # field on the AFP in the General Information section. Only the subcontractor can edit this field. >GCPay will look to add the contractor reference number to relevant documents, like the payment application cover page, and various reports in the coming months.

Right-Click Open or Close Projects

GCPay added the option to quickly open or close projects from the Projects page. Simply right-click on a project to toggle the project status to Open or Closed.

Project Summary Report

A Project Summary Report has been added to the catalog of company-level reports. This report will generate an excel spreadsheet containing a list of all open and closed projects along with the project number, budget, $ complete, retainage and balance.

Auto-populate Stored Materials on Owner Pay Applications 

Once a subcontractor's schedule of values is mapped to an owner line item, any values in the Materials Stored column will populate on an owner bill. If a subcontractor has billed stored materials on multiple lines, those lines will be aggregated when preparing the owner bill. 

Bug Fixes and Small Updates

Updated Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy was updated in app for new users, which can be downloaded. Our policy can be found at

AFP Cover Page Displaying Incorrect Tax Values

Fixed an issue in which  the 702 cover page form displayed incorrect sales tax values. 

Unverified Compliance Items Display Red

Updated logic to display unverified compliance items in red when manually adding compliance items to a project.

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