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February 2022 Updates

In April 2022, GCPay released the following features, enhancements, and bug fixes: 

GCPay is thrilled to announce a subtle, yet powerful enhancement to the Integration Tab. This update includes:

User Interface

At first glance, you'll find that contracts (commitments for Sage users) now have their own table. Select Contracts from the table on the left to populate the list of contracts in the table on the right.


Some buttons and options previously found on this screen, like Contract Report and Link Contract, are now found by clicking the hamburger menu in the table on the left.


Link and Auto Map Multiple Contracts

When you click + Link Contract, you can now select multiple contracts at once. Additionally, you can click Auto Select Matched Contracts, which will select any contracts that match a project company.


GCPay will attempt to automatically map a GCPay Company to the contracts coming from your ERP based on similarities in the vendor name This may not work perfectly and should be reviewed by the user before clicking Okay. If a contract is mapped to the wrong GCPay Company, click on the company name and select the correct option from the drop down.

Improved Error Handling and Contract Mapping Restoration

If you use Constrained SOVs or Constrained COs, you'll be happy to learn that GCPay has added a mechanism to restore contract mapping in the event of an unlinked project or contract. If a contract or project were to become unlinked, simply relink the contract or project and all line item mapping will be restored.


If the contract has changed in the ERP since it was last synced with GCPay, you may see an error icon next to the contract. When the contract is selected, GCPay will present a simple error message, which should direct the user to a simple resolution.

To learn more visit our knowledge base article about this update:

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