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September 2022 Updates

In September 2022, GCPay released the following features, enhancements, and bug fixes:

ePayments & Waiver Exchange Updates

Payment Batch Report & Vista Payment Import File

The Payment Batch Report itemizes all payments within a given batch and can be used for general reporting purposes or for generating an AP payment import file for Viewpoint Vista. The report can be found by navigating to the company-level Reports tab and selecting Payment Batch Report from the Accounting Reports section.

Start by selecting a month and use the contextual information, like number of payments or aggregate batch dollar value, to select ta batch. GCPay provides the Payment Batch Report in three different formats:

  1. Vista - This file can be used to import payments made in GCPay to Vista. For more information on this process, please contact your Account Manager.

  2. Excel - Generates an excel spreadsheet itemizing all payments in the batch.

  3. PDF - Generates a PDF file itemizing all payments in the batch. This is the same report that has historically been sent to the Treasury Officer by email when a batch is submitted in GCPay.

Tier Contractor Report Enhancement - Subcontractor's Contract and Delta  

GCPay has added subcontractors’ billing information so GCs can compare the delta between each subcontractor’s progress and the underlying tier liabilities. The report will aggregate totals for tier vendors for several useful metrics—Contract Value, Prior Paid, Current Due, Total Paid, Remaining Balance—and compare those values to the first tier’s contract (SOV).

Bug Fixes 

Bundle Report Attachment Size

Attachments in the Monthly Cost Bundle Report now max out at 10 pages to prevent time outs.

Duplicate Schedule Modification Reports 

Fixed issue in which the Schedule Modification Report was listed twice after SOV modification. 

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