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May 2023 Release Notes

In May 2023, GCPay released the following features, enhancements, and bug fixes:

Treasury Assistant & Queued Payments

This two-part enhancement was designed to provide ePayment & Waiver Exchange users with greater control over payments and funding accounts in GCPay. The guiding vision of this enhancement was to replicate the common practice whereby one or more people are responsible for preparing a payment batch and cutting checks and a second person (or persons) have the authority to review and sign those checks.

The first part of this enhancement was the creation of a new permission profile - the Treasury Assistant. The second part of this enhancement was the addition of a Queued status for payments. The fundamental role of the Treasury Assistant is to prepare and queue a payment batch (i.e. print checks) so that a Treasury Officer can later review and submit that batch for payment (i.e. sign checks). The differences between the new Treasury Assistant profile and the Treasury Officer profile are detailed in the table below.

Treasury AssistantTreasury Officer
Create or Change Funding Account
Adjust Payable Details (i.e. Amount, Joint Check, etc.)
Record a Manual Payment
Add to Queue
Remove from Queue
Submit for Payment
Release from Escrow

Additional Updates

Queued Payments Report

You can download a spreadsheet detailing current queued payments for a given project by clicking Print on the Queued tab. Alternatively, you can download a spreadsheet detailed ALL queued payments across ALL projects by clicking Reports in the primary navigation and selecting the Queued Payments Report

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Add a Treasury Assistant?

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Select Users from the navigation menu on the left.
  3. Click on a user to open their profile and select Company Permissions.
  4. Check the box next to Treasury Assistant and click Done.

How will this enhancement impact my current payment workflow?

In short, it won't. This enhancement was intentionally designed to be non-disruptive to current ePayments users. You will notice the new Queued table on the ACH tab, but you are not obligated to use it. By default, your permissions will remain unchanged. Anyone with a Treasury Officer role may continue to prepare and submit batches for payment directly from the Payables tab, as they always have.

How should I implement this enhancement into my payment workflow?

GCPay recommends that one or more users be added to each project with the Treasury Assistant profile. These users can adjust the Payables if necessary and Queue them for payment. When you have received funding for a given period, a Treasury Officer can then go directly to the Queued tab to review the payment(s) that have been prepared for that period. Treasury Officers can remove payments from the Queue, adjust the payment details, or deselect payments as needed. Once they are comfortable with their selection, all they need to do is click Submit For Payment.

Can a Treasury Officer review batches for multiple projects at once?

Not currently, but GCPay expects to support company-level payment management by the end of 2023. In the meantime, we've added a company-level Queued Payments Report, which will generate a spreadsheet detailing all payments in Queued status across all of your projects.

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