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July 2022 Updates

In July 2022, GCPay released the following features, enhancements, and bug fixes:

Accumulated Cost Report 

This report will help GCs and Owners review line-item level progress for every contract on a project. Users have the option to establish a date range, include pending and submitted items, and include line items without billing when pulling the report.



The Accumulated Cost Report will provide reporting on several important billing elements, including unit cost, contract value, materials stored, retainage, remaining balance, total completed, and how much is due for the selected date range. You can download the report from the project-level reports tab. Please note that the output will only contain data for SOVs with a payment application in the defined date range (limited to 60 days).

Paid Indicator 

Integrated general contractor users no longer need to flip back and forth between GCPay and their ERP to know which payment applications have been paid. GCPay has added a Paid Indicator in the far right column of the Contractor(s) Applications for Payment table on the Project Overview screen. When a payment is made against an invoice (AFP) that originated from GCPay, a green $ (dollar sign) icon will appear. Users can hover their mouse over the icon to reveal the payment date. This feature is for admin-level general contractor users and is not currently available for  CMiC integrated users.

Please note that the Paid Indicator only works on invoices that are exported from GCPay to an integrated ERP and will trigger when any payment is made against the invoice. If you make a partial payment, for example, GCPay will expose the Paid Indicator even though there may be a balance left to pay on the invoice. Certain modifications to the invoice itself within the ERP may also impact GCPay's ability to expose the Paid Indicator.

Retainage Lock/Unlock Audit Trail Event 

Locking and unlocking retainage events are now recorded in the audit trail, including whether a user specifically unlocked retention, or the system did so automatically. If a user locks or unlocks retainage, their username is recorded. 

Updated Default and Project Settings Layout

Streamlined Default and Project settings to improve user experience.

Bug Fixes 

Retainage Filter in the Monthly Cost Bundle Report

The Monthly Cost Bundle Report now filters out retainage invoices properly when selected. 

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