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January 2024 Release Notes

In January 2024, GCPay released the following features, enhancements, and bug fixes:

Owner SOV Groupings with Subtotals

We added new functionality to GCPay’s owner billing tool that allows GCs to establish groupings when creating an owner SOV. These groupings can be used to organize line items into various cost buckets on an owner schedule. These groupings will be reflected on all upstream bills from the GC to an owner and subtotaled on the G703 Continuation Sheet.

When creating an owner SOV, users can now add additional columns from newly added drop-down menus, such as CSI Divisions, Cost Code, Phase, Category, or Extra, and then sort by such columns to form their desired groupings.


Official AIA G702/703 Forms 

GCPay and has teamed up with Catina, a digital servicing platform, to provide officially branded AIA forms on the site. This feature can be enabled for GCs who sign a separate agreement with Catina and the AIA. Once enabled, subscribers will have the option to generate G702/703S–2017 forms for downstream subcontractor billing, and G702/703–1992 forms for upstream owner billing.

Contractor Reference Number Waiver Tag and Vista Export Tag 

The contractor reference number field allows subcontractors to record an internal invoice number when completing AFPs in GCPay, is now available as a waiver tag for subcontractors and tier vendors, making is possible to display the field on those lien waivers. 

We also made the contractor reference number a Vista export tag, which allows Vista users the ability to store the contractor reference number associated with a specific AFP in their Vista instance when exporting invoices.

AFP Reports Dialog Includes Subcontractor and SOV Name

The AFP Reports dialog now includes subcontractor name and SOV name so that users can more easily identify which schedule they've clicked on from the Overview tab. 

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