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April 2021 Updates

Two-Factor Authentication

GCPay has introduced Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to better protect user accounts.  When enabled, users must provide an SMS capable phone number to receive authentication codes. Users must authenticate any new devices or browsers used to access GCPay by entering the authentication code sent to their phone.

Due to their breadth of control, all GCPay admins will be required to use 2FA. Additionally, admin users can mandate 2FA for all users in their organization. (Settings > Default Options. > General Options). If 2FA is not mandated, users can elect to enable 2FA from their user profile.

Stored Materials Backup Enhancement

Uploading One File to Multiple Line Items

Historically, when backup has been required for stored materials, users were required to upload a file for each line item that contained billing in stored materials. This was frustrating for subcontractors because they may use the same file as backup for multiple line items. Furthermore, it was problematic for general contractors that downloaded reports and files with backup attached, as the output would contain many copies of the same file.

This update allows subcontractors to upload a single file or photo to multiple line items. This reduces the number of repetitive steps for the subcontractor and minimizes file sizes for general contractors.

Waiver Enhancements

Assigned Projects Waiver Report

Users can now right-click on a waiver template in the company settings and select View Assigned Projects  to pull an excel report detailing all active projects where the waiver template is in use. 

Disabled Waiver Warning

If a waiver template is disabled in the company settings, users will see an error associated with that waiver on any active projects where it is in use.


Compliance Report - Added Column for Expiration Date

Added a column to the Compliance Report for compliance object expiration date.

Lien Waiver Status Report - Added Columns for Waiver Type and Waiver Template

Added a column for Waiver Type (Progress, Unconditional or Final) and another column for Waiver Template (Standard or Tier) to better distinguish subcontractor waivers from tier contractor waivers.

Small Updates & Bug Fixes

Month Funded Through Banner

When using the Month Funded Through Banner (see March 2021 release notes for details), the date listed in the general contractor's project list was in MM/DD/YYYY format, but the date exposed to the subcontractor was only month and year. This bug fix adjusts the form on the general contractor's project list to MM/YYYY to avoid confusion.

Pagination Tool Update - Project Overview Page

Users will now find a pagination tool at the top AND bottom of any tables on the Project Overview screen. This is helpful where the number of objects in a table forced a user to scroll past the pagination tool at the top of a table.

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