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September 2021 Updates

In September 2021, GCPay released the following features, enhancements, and bug fixes:

Resource Center

GCPay users now have access to a Resource Center filled with how-to articles, FAQs, and training videos. Simply click Help in the top right corner of GCPay to check it out. You must be logged in to GCPay to access the Resource Center.

Delay Paid Waiver Trigger

The Paid waiver trigger generates the waiver requirement once the associated payment application has been paid in the integrated ERP. The Delay Paid Waiver Trigger enhancement allows the general contractors to establish a custom delay to account for internal payment processes.

For example, a general contractor may require 3 days to print, sign, and distribute checks. To better approximate the receipt of payment by the subcontractor, the general contractor could place a 3-day delay on the release of the waiver.

Unique Waivers BETA

Unique Waivers allow general contractors to generate a waiver for an individual payment application without impacting future payment applications or other subcontractors. This is a great option for generating and collecting waivers (or other documents) that may not be needed with each payment application or from every subcontractor.

Click Waivers next to a payment application to add a Unique Waiver. Unique Waivers are sent to the subcontractor immediately after they are added to a payment application. Email to enable this feature for your account.

Electronic Payments & Waiver Exchange Feature Enhancements

Added Links to View Waivers and AFP

GCPay added the Actions column to the tables in the ACH tab. This allows users to quickly access and review the associated AFP and Waivers.

Speed Enhancements

GCPay and AvidXchange have worked together to improve the speed of payments. General contractors will now have between 11 AM ET and 4 PM ET to release payment on eligible invoices.


  • General contractor elects to pay 10 invoices on Monday
  • GCPay (via AvidXchange) initiates a drawdown wire for the sum total of the 10 invoices on Tuesday morning. The 10 invoices are funded and eligible to be paid/released at 11 AM ET
  • The general contractor has until 4 PM ET to release payment on eligible invoices
  • GCPay (via AvidXchange) processes released invoices as ACH payments to subcontractors by 5 PM ET
  • Subcontractor receives payment on Wednesday or Thursday (1-2 business days later)

Retainage Release (RR) and Stored Materials (SM) Icons

The Retainage Release (RR) and Stored Materials (SM) icons that can be seen on the Project Overview and Integration tabs are now visible in the ACH tab. This provides a visual indicator of invoices containing billing in retention or stored materials for general contractors.

Lien Waiver Status Report

GCPay added columns for Digitally Signed (Y/N) and Approver Name to the excel version of the Lien Waiver Status Report, providing more clarity to the GC around how waivers moved into accepted status.

AFP Rejection Notification

A new option has been added to the General Options section of the Project Settings that will send AFP rejection notifications to users with the Accounting permission. 


Bug Fixes

Sage 300: Duplicate Invoice ID Error Handling and White Space Trim

The Sage 300 client application has been updated to provide an error message when a GC attempts to import two different invoices with the same ID. This can happen when the invoice pattern established by the GC doesn’t always create a unique ID. This update also contains a fix that automatically trims trailing white spaces in the invoice ID.

Customer SOV Mapping Bug

If lines were mapped to a change order between the general contractor and the owner, and that change order was deleted, it was resulting in unmappable lines. This has been resolved. Lines associated with a deleted change order can now be remapped as necessary. 

Continuation Sheet Date Wrapping Bug

When unit pricing was used, the continuation sheet (G703) was wrapping the Period To and Application Date text, making the PDF difficult to read. This has been resolved.

GCPay Registration Invitation Email Update

Adjusted the GCPay registration invitation email to reflect the company name of the user extending the invite vs. the name of the user extending the invite. 

"View" Action for Accepted Waivers

Users can now View a waiver in Accepted status in GCPay without downloading the document.

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