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November 2022 Release Notes

Stored Materials Update 

The Manually stored materials feature, when enabled, will require subcontractors to manually deduct materials installed from the Material Stored column (column F) and add them to the $ This Period column (column D) when installing material on the job site. When unchecked, all stored material will automatically move from column F to column D the following pay period.  Historically, this option could be toggled by either the general contractor or the subcontractor. This presented issues, as some general contractors did not want their subcontractors to bill for stored materials in this way. 

The option to Manually move stored materials with each new pay app is now found in the Project Settings under the Stored Materials section. If this is not the desired preference, disable the option and stored materials will be set to automatically move on the SOV going forward, meaning they'll automatically move from Material Stored (Column F) to $ This Period (Column D) when the subcontractor completes their next pay application. 

Click here to learn more about setting up projects and SOVs in GCPay for manual move stored material. 

Click here to learn how a subcontractor manually bills for stored material in GCPay. 

Material Report 

We added a Material Report that lists every project containing stored material, the project number, and the aggregate value of the stored materials on the project. This report is available in XLCS format, can be pulled by month, and can include subsidiary companies.

Smaller Updates and Bug Fixes

Find Users When Searching by EIN 

Searching by EIN will now return users and not just companies when selecting the Include users in search option and searching by EIN. This search enhancement can make it easier to add users to a project.

Changed Stored Material Upload Verbiage 

After a file has been uploaded to a stored material backup requirement, the site displays,"Stored material backup has been uploaded."

Fixed Tiered Waiver Warning Bug

Tiered warnings no longer display on negative subcontractor applications for payment. 

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