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October 2023 Release Notes

In October 2023, GCPay released the following updates:


Default Settings and Project Settings Copy Update

Settings throughout GCPay have received a copy update to ensure the function of each setting is easily understood by end users. The actual function of each setting has not changed. 

Added Retainage and Stored Materials Badges to the Queued Payments and Payment Batch Reports 

Retainage (RR) and stored materials (SM) badges were added to both the Queued Payments and Payment Batch reports for ePayments and Waiver Exchange users. The badges populate in a newly added column. 

Added ${total_due_prior} Waiver Tag

This new waiver tag references the total paid on the previous pay application (Line 8 on the G702). Previously, users could only reference the aggregate paid less retention, not the previous pay application in isolation. 

Option to Make Contractor Reference Number Mandatory

We added a default and project-level option to make the Contractor Reference Number a mandatory field for AFP submission. This option helps ensure the field is completed at AFP submission. 

Added AFP Status, Subcontractor Name, and SOV to Email Subject Line 

We added AFP Status as well as the relevant subcontractor's business name and SOV to the subject line of all system-generated AFP emails so that users can glean more information about an AFP from glancing at the notification's subject line. 

Bug Fixes

Tier Vendor Project Companies Display Issue

Fixed a bug in which tier vendors associated with other SOVs superfluously displayed for subcontractor users, causing confusion. The bug manifested when subcontractors were added to the Project Companies tab two or more times. 

Quick Look ePayments Display Bug

Fixed a bug in which the Quick Look link didn't display AFP information from the ePayments tab. This option allows user to view meaningful AFP details without drilling down into the pay app. 

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