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October 2021 Updates

In October 2021, GCPay released the following features, enhancements, and bug fixes:

Monthly Cost Bundle Report Enhancement

The Monthly Cost Bundle report is often used as backup for owner billing by general contractor users. The report aggregates payment applications (G702 & G703 style invoices), lien waivers, and associated documents for the defined period into a single PDF.

In the past, final (retention) billings could get mixed in with progress billings. Users were manually removing the final billing documents until the end of the project. This enhancement provides users with an option to filter the output of the report by the presence of retention release. We also added the option to include pending and submitted items, a popular filter from another report.

Vista AFP Export - Include Audit Trail

Vista integrated general contractors have the option to include AIA documents with the export of payment applications from GCPay. GCPay has added the option to include/exclude the audit trail from these documents so the audit trail does not appear with the invoice attachments in Vista.

Electronic Payments & Waiver Exchange Enhancements

GCPay has reworked the display of data in the Payable, Releasable, and History tables of the ACH tab for greater consistency and clarity. Most notably, we've added a column for Net Payment and a row for Subtotal in the Payables table.

We've also added a date log for payment events. Users can now click the date link in the History table to pull up a log of events detailing the date and time a payment moved into each status.

Limit Subcontractors to a Single AFP 

In Project Settings, under Options for Contractors, users have the option to limit subcontractors to one active AFP, meaning subcontractors cannot create an AFP prior to the approval of the previous AFP.

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