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May 2022 Updates

In May 2022, GCPay released the following features, enhancements, and bug fixes: 

Bulk Release Retainage BETA

As the name implies, this feature allows general contractors to release retainage (retention) on multiple SOVs in just a few clicks. Doing so will create the retainage invoice(s) on behalf of the subcontractor and trigger any associated lien waivers in the process. This eliminates the need for subcontractors to bill for their retention and provides the general contractor with greater control over the timing of (perceived) retainage release.


If you're interested in enabling this feature, please reach out to our support team.

GCs who enable the feature will see a Bulk Release Retainage button in the header of the Contractor(s) Schedule of Values table on the Project Overview tab. Clicking this button will prompt the user to select which contracts they would like to release retainage for, after which a retention invoice will automatically be created, approved, and available for export to your ERP platform (for integrated customers).

Search Engine Upgrade

GCPay’s search capabilities improved with our latest release.  Historically, the platform only supported partial word searches for a single word, but not for a string of words. This enhancement will allow a user to, for example, search J Doe and have the table return John Doe and Jane Doe. Prior to this update, GCPay would not have returned any result, as there is no literal match for J Doe.

Dashboard Improvements

The dashboard is now search engine driven, making for improved load times. Search results are also improved thanks to the aforementioned updates to the platform's search engine. 

Bug Fixes

Fixed issue in which only Lien Officers' permissions

Lien officers will no longer have the ability to close projects. 


Fixed February date ranges in certain reports

Fixed a bug in which certain reports, like the Contractor Cost Report, populated January data when the month of February was selected. 

Default Settings

Experienced GCPay users will notice that our create new Schedule of Values, and Change Orders options in your company-level Default Options may be greyed out by default. This fix is to ensure GCs have the ability to create either for their subcontractors. 

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