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October 2020 Updates

In October 2020, GCPay released the following features and enhancements.


The upgraded Dashboard adds Lien Waiver and Compliance data so users can manage tasks across all of their projects on a single page. Icons with tickers help visualize the users workload at a glance. Users can click on an icon to filter the results displayed in the table and take action on items directly from the dashboard. 

Admins, Lien Officers, and Compliance Officers have the option to toggle between All Projects and My Projects to isolate their responsibilities from the collective responsibilities of their organization. All users can toggle back to the legacy dashboard from the 3-dot menu on the upper right-hand side of the screen. 


Progress Bars are now visible on the dashboard and throughout the site to provide users with a clear indication of billing progress on Projects, Schedules of Values, and Change Orders.

Compliance Document Management Enhancement

Some compliance objects require multiple documents to be uploaded, either because the object itself necessitates multiple documents, or because the compliance object is designed to track a history of uploads. Historically, rejecting a compliance object would reject all associated documents.

To provide more flexibility, users are now prompted to select which document(s) within the compliance object they want to reject as opposed to summarily rejecting all documents that may be attached to that compliance object. Rejection of a compliance item requires a comment, which is carried over to the audit trail.

Option to Allow Overbilling

This new SOV level configuration will extend general contractors an option to allow subcontractors to overbill line items in any given contract. This is particularly helpful for civil contractors where unit-based pricing is used and overbilling is common. Users must contact support to enable this feature for their organization. Once enabled, users can establish the default setting in the Project Settings and toggle the option on individual contracts by navigating to the Specifications section of the SOV.

Unit Price option for Constrained SOVs

Subcontractors can now enable Unit Price columns for constrained SOVs in GCPay. Change orders or line items with no defined quantity will automatically default to 1 unit with a unit rate equal to the line value.

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