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August 2020 Updates

In August 2020, GCPay released the following features and enhancements.

Lien Waiver Review Enhancement    

Historically, approvers needed to download a Submitted lien waiver and open the document in a separate window or program to review. Users can now click View in the Actions column and view the document in a popup. From the pop-up users can select View Original to quickly compare the uploaded document to the original pre-populated waiver. Users can Reject or Approve directly from the pop-up - no downloading necessary.

Lien Waiver Status Update  

To provide clarity around lien waiver statuses, the following changes have been made:

New Status
Previous Status
Not Sent
A waiver in Not Sent status is only visible to the approver. It remains in this status until the waiver timing trigger is met (ex. on approval of the payment application). Waivers without a timing trigger can be released manually by the approver.
A waiver in Outstanding status means the waiver has been sent to the subcontractor but has yet to be signed or returned.

Company Level Lien Waiver Tab (Subcontractors)

A Lein Waiver tab has been added to the primary navigation menu for subcontractors. This screen consolidates Lien Waivers across all projects in a single table. Users can leverage the table filters to quickly isolate waivers by status, period to month, or by project.

Actions Menu

A number of peripheral actions could be accessed by right-clicking on an object in a table. To make these peripheral actions more apparent, GCPay has added a 3-dot menu in the Actions column of any table where peripheral actions exist.

Mark as Received - Waiver Option

Inevitably, general contractors will receive waivers directly from subcontractors. In some cases (like $0 waivers) they may not want to upload the waiver to GCPay. This new option allows approvers to mark a waiver as Received, alleviating the subcontractor of the waiver requirement.

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